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A Basketball Inspired High Intensity Workout

by Zamst

With basketball season really heating up, we put together a fun high intensity workout based off of some key basketball strength and conditioning moves that will have you training like a pro!

Move from one strength exercise to the next with little rest in between. Once you complete one full circuit of all the strength exercises rest for 90 seconds and then repeat circuit 2-3 times. Upon completion of the strength portion, move to the conditioning section. Complete each conditioning exercise 2-3 times resting 30-90 seconds in between sets.

Warm-Up: High knees, lateral shuffles, walking lunges with rotation & inch worms


Dumbbell Push-Up-to-Row:

-Get into push-up position on the floor with hands gripping the dumbbells

-Perform push up and at the top & row with your right arm

-Perform push up again and at the top & row with your left arm

Dumbbell Step-Ups:

-Holding a pair of dumbbells at your side, place one foot on a box or bench with your knee forming a 90 degree angle

-Keeping the other leg straight and firmly planted on the ground, shoulders back and chest out with your core tight

-Push through your foot on the bench, more specifically your heel

-You can either keep your leg straight or for an advance move drive the planted leg up to your chest, then lower to the floor and repeat

Kettlebell Lateral Lunge

-Begin standing with feet shoulder-width apart while holding a kettlebell with both hands in front of you

-Step to the right with your right foot and lower hips into a lateral lunge

-Driving thought the hip, return to the start position and repeat on the left side

Lateral Medicine Ball Wall Throw:

-Grab a medicine ball and stand 3 feet a way from a brick or concrete

-Hold the ball at chest level with your arms straight, and rotate your torso to your right

-Quickly switch directions and throw as hard as you can against the wall to your left

-As the ball rebounds off the wall, catch it and repeat the movement

Single-Leg Bridge

-Lay on back with one foot under your knee, the other one extended out

-Make sure your core is tight and fire up your glutes

-Raise your hips up creating a straight line from your knees to your shoulders

-Lower and repeat

Overhead Medicine Ball Throw:

-Stand in an athletic position a couple feet away

-Holding the Stability slightly behind and above the head, throw against the wall

-Catch and throw quickly again

-Make sure to keep your core tight the entire time


Conditioning Section

Pop-up Sprints:

-Lie on stomach with hands out in front of you, just beneath shoulders

-As quickly as possible pop up and sprint for 20-50 yards

Sweet 16

-Set-up cones 90 feet away

-Run as fast as you can in between cones for a total of 16 times. Be sure to touch the cone on each sprint


*This move can be performed on a basketball court or can be done using 4 markers spread out mimicking the free throw-line, half court line, the opposite free throw line & opposing baseline.

-From the starting baseline sprint to the first free throw-line and sprint back to baseline

-Immediately sprint to the half-court line & then sprint back to the baseline

-Immediately sprint to opposing free-throw line & then sprint back

-From the baseline sprint to the opposing line sprint & return



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