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Running Strong All Spring Long

by Zamst

Spring is here and its time to turn it up a notch. Here are a few running tips that will have you running strong all Spring long!

First, A Few Running Tips For Those Just Starting out:

-Ease into running. When you first start running, focus on setting your goals in minutes, not miles. Make it a goal to run for 5 minutes the first day, 10 minutes the next day and build from there. This will help you ease into running. Sometimes when we make out goals based on miles or distance we push ourselves too hard too fast.

-Round up a group of friends together! Anything is always more fun with a buddy or two. Round up a couple of buddies once a week and try running in a fun local spot.

-Invest in some good running shoes. Shoes really do make all the difference in the world. If you are not sure what shoes to wear checkout a local run speciality store and get fitted for a shoe that works specifically for you.

-Look into some 5K runs or join a local running club for an extra push.

Hitting The Ground Running:

-Add some solid resistance moves into your weekly workout routine such as the Bulgarian split squat, push-ups, lateral step-ups, the scorpion and walking lunges. For exercise videos checkout our previous blog post here: Strength Training Workouts for Runners .

-Hit the stairs! Find a local stair case or track with decent bleachers and do multiple sets of sprints up the steps. To add an extra challenge try to run every other step.

-Take your running to the hills and throw some sprints in the mix. A great way to improve speed, tone your legs and glutes is to hit the hills. Challenge yourself by running up a steep hill multiple times. If you are feeling aggressive try to sprint up hills as fast as you can!

-Schedule a tempo run in at least once a week. A tempo run will help you improve your overall running time. There are multiple ways to run a tempo run.

Option 1: Warm-up with 1 easy mile, then run 3 miles at a pace that is 30 seconds to 40 seconds of

your 5K pace and then cool down with an easy mile.

Option 2: Warm-up with 1 easy mile, and then run 3 miles at your race pace, and cool down with

an easy mile.

Option 3: Run an easy 3 miles and then finish with a faster 3 miles.

Option 4: Perform intervals using a scale of 1-10, with 1 being the easiest and 10 being the hardest.

Warm-up running your first mile at a easy 5 on the scale, then run 3 miles alternating intervals ranging from 5 to 9. Cool down with a 1 mile.

Happy Running


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