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Area Code Baseball – A League of Their Own

by Zamst

     The best sound of early morning is not the birds chirping in the air but the crack of a baseball bat, then seeing the ball rolls through the center gap.  At the same time, hearing the calls of “two-two” with all the athletes getting into their positions to stop the bases from moving.    Once a year, the most elite high school baseball players get invited to have chance to compete against their peers at the nation highest level at the Area Code Baseball held at Blair Field in Long Beach, CA. 


     Representing Zamst as Z-Team member in the exhibitor area and being a part of the Area Code Baseball events from Stockton to Long Beach gave me a great understanding of why scouts from all 30 major league teams, plus college coaches from many of the top college baseball programs in the nation attend.  The best part was the accessibility and the ability striking up a casual conversion to learn what they are looking for in the athletes of the future.  It was interesting to learn about the globalization of baseball and how different counties tend to produce a certain type of athlete.  


     At the Area Code baseball games, it was unique experiencing the quality of talent at the regional events and to see each athlete give it their all to perform their best at historic Blair Field, home of the Long Beach State Dirtbags.   This was a great event to be a part of by building brand awareness but at the same time provide a Zamst product information to parents, coaches, scouts and athletes.

Richard Martinez, M.A., A.T.C


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