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HIIT Workout

by Zamst

Summer is almost “officially” here! One of the best ways to tone up is by incorperating a couple of high intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions into your weekly workout routine. Here is a HIIT workout where all you will need is your own body weight and a jump rope if you choose.

Warm-up for 10-15 minutes

Circuit 1:

Push-Ups — 30 seconds

Burpees  With Push-Ups–30 seconds

Plank Twists–30 seconds



Circuit 2:

Squat Thrusts with Push-Ups

Tricep Dips with Knee Extension — 30 seconds

Running Crunches — 30 seconds

Superman with Shoulder Squeeze — 30 seconds


Circuit 3:

Jump rope: 2-5 minutes or do 5 100 yard sprints

Plank: 30-90 seconds


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