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Plyometric Exercises: Developing Explosive Speed, Strength and Power

by Zamst

Incorporating plyometric exercises to your weight training routine twice a week will develop explosive speed, muscular strength, and increase power output.   Plyometric training is a form of exercise that involves the stretch-shortening cycle, where eccentric contraction is rapidly followed by concentric contraction of the same muscle group.  These drills involve repeated fast explosive movements with maximum effort on each repetition.

Performing this 20 minute plyometric exercise program 2 times per week, along with increasing the sets and repetitions over a 6 week period will develop explosive speed, strength and power.  This plyometric program consist of 4 exercises with 30 second rest between sets and 2 minute rest before moving on to the next exercise.

Wall Jump Touches 3 15
Split Squat Jumps 2 20
Side Cone Hops 2 15
Box-Drop Jumps 1 15
Two times per week


Wall Jump Touches: Performed by facing a wall with your feet shoulders width apart and jumping up as high and fast as possible.
Split Squat Jumps: Start in a lunge position, jump straight up and land in the same motion, and then quickly repeating.
Side Cone Hops: Stand next to a cone with your feet shoulders width apart and jump back and forth over it as fast as possible.
Box Drop Jumps: Jumping on a box then off, once you land on your feet, perform a fast, explosive two footed jump on to a higher box.

The high forces generated in plyometric training can be associated with calf cramps, strains and soreness.  At the beginning and completion of the plyometric exercise routine, it is important to stretch your calf muscles and wear Zamst LC-1 Calf sleeves to reduce unwanted muscles vibrations, muscle fatigue, soreness and promote venous return.

Richard A. Martinez, M.A., A.T.C
Z Team

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