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Back Country Skiing Canada: Skiing with the ZW-7 back brace & ZK-7 knee brace

by Zamst

Back Country Skiing Canada tested out the Zamst ZK-7 knee brace and Zamst ZK-7 back brace while skiing and shared a review here.


If you have any joint injuries that need a little attention and support to get you through your active life then the Zamst line of products is worth taking a look at. I was not sure what to expect from the Zamst ZK-7 Knee Brace and the The Zamst ZW-7 Back Brace but I was pleased with the amount of support that they provided while backcountry skiing as well as skiing laps at the resort. I have been wearing the Zamst ZW-7 Back Brace over my base layer for the past two months while skiing and it has made a world of difference. My lower back muscles are not as fatigued after a hard day out with plenty of vertical gain under my skis.


About Back Country Skiing Canada

Our goal in creating Back Country Skiing Canada and the guidebook is to celebrate the mountain lifestyle we have chosen and to share our backcountry skiing knowledge amongst ourselves and with folks from away. As Back Country Skiing Canada and the knowledge base grows with more contributions on the Forums, we hope to build the backcountry skiing community, encourage safe travel through the mountains, promote a healthy appreciation for Mother Nature, and crank up the fun factor.

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Kelvin Feb 21, 2016 - 12:51 am

Grooming Update: Dec 31st Mike groomed the fowlilong trails; Kane, Skyhigh, Hills Homestead, Matthews Loops, Chute, Raven’s Ridge, Vale and Menzies. Awesome Mike, thanks for keeping us all in good shape! There are lots of positive comments from skiers and we want to focus on these however ..an increased number of snowshoers are using the ski trails and messing up the trails causing rough sking and extra grooming. Please note that snow shoeing is not permitted on the trails, there are some links to some snow shoe trails in Kane Valley, you can find the links on our site and you can see the flagging tape too. Please encourage snow shoers to use these excellent trails so we can all enjoy playing outside with optimal conditions for all. Thank you all for supporting our non profit club! We encourage you all to buy a membership, or pay as you go and drop money in the box. Happy New Year and good health to one and all! Kate


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