Exercises for Football Players in the Off-season


Now that the Super Bowl is over, you might be wondering what football players do in the offseason. Recovery is essential, but so is strength training. In season, athletes focus on explosive movements, agility, and of course strength. These off season exercises put together by Darien Pyka, coach at ProSport Physical Therapy and Performance, and myself, focus mainly on increasing muscle mass.

  1. Lower body
    1. RDL- Romanian Deadlift
    2. Back Squat
    3. Reverse Lunges
  2. Upper Body
    1. Dumbbell Alternating Bench Press
    2. Bent Over Row
    3. Seated Lateral Raise
  3. Core, Explosive, and Strength
    1. Prayers
    2. Single Leg Box Blast
    3. Weighted Sled Push


Becca Barnhart, ACSM CPT
Product Specilaist


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